CD 470
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CD 470

Shock sensor

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CD 470 offers reliable monitoring against attacks with mechanical tools. The CD 470 is a chock- and vibration sensor with 3 separate detection channels: an integration channel / saw channel for weak signals with long duration, a counting channel that senses strong impact on the monitored surface and an explosion channel which senses very strong signals from e.g. an explosion.

CD 470 shares design with CD 475 but has built-in relays for the alarm and tamper outputs. This allows the CD 470 to be connected directly to the alarm central unit, this means that no analyser unit is necessary. CD 470 polarity independent, just like CD 475.

● Relay outputs for alarm and tamper
● Two wire polarity independent for easy connection
● 3 separate detection channels
● Cover radius up to 3m
● Resistant to interference
● Detailed sensitivity setting
● Suitable for 24 hour monitoring
● DAY and NIGHT control of LED

Data sheet

EN 50131-2-8 Grad 3, SBSC Class 3, VdS G 121502 Class B, F&P Danmark
Input voltage
8 – 15 VDC (DAY), 6 VDC (NIGHT)
Alarm output
Relay (Max 50V / 120 mA), R up to 30 Ω
Alarm indication
LED, DAY/NIGHT controlled
Alarm hold time
4s (auto reset) or locks in alarm mode
Alarm reset
Voltage breaking input (up to 1 V)
Operating temperature range
-40°C - +55°C
Housing material, Colour
ABS Plastic, white
Housing protection class
IP 42
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm
80 x 23 x 20 mm
Tamper output relay
Relay (Max 50V / 120 mA), R up to 30 Ω
Detection radius
up to 3m
DAY and NIGHT control
DAY 8V, NIGHT 6V supply voltage
Low voltage alarm or fault in electronics
up to 5V is indicated by flashing LED
Current consumption quiescent / alarm
8.0 mA (12 V)/7.1 mA (12 V)

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