CD 500-R

Shock detector with magnetic contact Replaced by CD 550-R

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The CD 500 Shock Detector mounts on various objects providing their reliable protection. The CD 500 detects and indicates any attempt to break into the object using
tools applied with much power, or even explosives. This detector senses momentary high amplitude vibrations. It includes a programmable event counter which makes the
detector trip an alarm once the pre-programmed number of events (1, 2, 3 or 4) have occurred. Still the detection of an explosion trips an alarm regardless of the number of the counted events. 

The CD 500 is based on an advanced signal processing algorithm microcontroller offering digital processing of the recorded events which translates into operation reliability and immunity to ambient interferences. 

Data sheet

Supply voltage
8 – 15 V DC
Current draw (standby)
8 mA
Current draw (alarm)
10 mA
Alarm output
Relay, NC
Contact rating
35V / 100mA
Tamper protection / Rating
NC, 35V / 50mA
Operating temperature range
-10⁰C - +70⁰C
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm
80 x 23 x 20 mm

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