The purpose of this policy is to provide ALARMTECH websites users of privacy protection at a level corresponding to the standards specified in the applicable legal provisions.

1. Gathering information

When registering on our website, we collect and store information about your computer and browser, including the IP address, software and hardware version, and websites you visit.

2. Use of information

All information that we collect about you can be used only to:

• Personalize our website for you and match your expectations.

• Providing individually tailored ads.

• Improvement of our service.

• Improvement of customer service and technical support.

3. Ecommerce privacy

We are the only owners of information collected on this site. Your personal data will not be sold, exchange or transferred to other companies for any reason, without your consent, for purposes other than necessary to complete the application and / or execute the transaction, for example, shipment of the order.

4. Disclosure of data to third parties 

We do not sell or otherwise transfer personal data of users to third parties. It doesn’t apply to trusted third parties that help us run our website or business, as long as the parties agree to keep this information confidential. 

We believe that this is necessary to exchange information to investigate, prevent or take action on illegal activity, suspected fraud, situations that could potentially endanger the physical security of any person, violate our terms of use, or otherwise required by law. 

5. Data protection 

We apply various security measures to maintain personal data security. We use the highest quality encryption to protect confidential information sent over the Internet.

6. Cookies

 1). Our cookies help to improve the quality of access to our website and the identification of regular readers. In addition, they improve the user's experience by tracking and guiding him / her according to their interests. Such use of cookies is in no way associated with any personal data on our site. 

2). We use "permanent" and "session" cookies. "Permanent" cookies remain in the device's web browser until they are deleted by the user or for a predetermined time specified in the cookie file parameters. "Session" cookies remain in the browser until you disable or log out of the website on which they were posted. 

3). Cookie files can also be sent, in addition to our website, from the servers of the websites to which they refer, e.g. Google, YouTube or social networking sites. 

4). Web browsers allow you to disable the mechanism of receiving cookies by changing the settings of your web browser. Failure to disable the saving of cookies at the browser level is tantamount to the user's consent to store and save them on the computer.

5). Usually, cookies are safe for the user. Their complete disabling makes it impossible to use all possible content of the website. With proper use of cookies, it is not possible to transport users of viruses or other accidental software to devices. Their purpose is only to identify the software used by the user.

6). Cookies do not collect personal data of use.

7. Consent

By using our site you agree to our privacy policy.