GD 375

Glass Break Detector for Laminated Glass, Glued
DISCONTINUED - Replaced by GD 475

Cable length (m)
GD 375
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The GD 375 is a passive glass break detector with transistor output that is connected to a control panel via an IU 300 interface unit. It is designed to protect laminated glass in application areas as shop-windows, glass sliding doors, standard windows and other vulnerable glass surfaces in public areas and private homes.

It is equipped with a piezoelectric sensor that provides an electrical signal when the glass is attacked. The signal is digitized and then processed in an electric circuit, which increases the current in the loop. With a first-rate detector algorithm, the detector has exceptionally high immunity to interference signals that cause false alarms.

Its circular design guarantees correct positioning.

The GD 375 is glued to the glass pane and each detector is supplied with a stencil to mark the mounting location, a glue applicator and cable clamps for quick and easy installation.

Data sheet

Maximum coverage
2 m radius (standard 4-6 mm glass)
Supply voltage
5-15 VDC
Current consumption
5 μA (7 mA in alarm state)
Alarm output
Transistor output
Alarm indication
Tamper protection
Alarm hold time
Alarm reset
Power down
Housing material
ABS Plastic
Operating temperature range
-40 - +55°C
Housing protection class
IP 67
Dimensions (H x Ø) mm
11 x 27

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