GD 335

Glass Break Detector, Glued

Cable length (m)
GD 335-6
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The GD 335 is a glass break detector with transistor output that is connected to a control panel via an IU 300 interface unit. It is especially designed for monitoring shop windows, sliding glass doors, ordinary windows and other exposed glass surfaces, both in public spaces and private homes. It can be used on windows with protective film if the detector is mounted directly onto the glass and not on the film (a 5-10 cm hole must be cut out the film). It can also be used on glass cabinets to protect various types of equipment. The GD 335 glass break detector is activated when the glass is shattered or broken and is highly resistant to interference with the glass or in its immediate environment, which makes it ideal for 24-hour monitoring. Its circular design guarantees correct positioning. The GD 335 is glued to the glass pane and each detector is supplied with a stencil to mark the mounting location, a glue applicator and cable clamps for quick and easy installation.

For laminated  glass please use GD 475.

Data sheet

Maximum coverage
2 m radio (standard 3 mm glass)
EN 50131-2-7-2:2013 Grade 2, VdS Klass B - G192532, SBSC 10-32, Class 2
Supply voltage
4-15 VDC
Current consumption
5 μA (7.5 mA alarm)
Alarm output
transistor output
Alarm indication
Alarm hold time
Alarm reset
Power down
Housing material
ABS Plastic
Operating temperature range
-40°C – +70°C
Housing protection class
IP 67
Dimensions (H x Ø) mm
11 x 27

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