Door loop with RJ 45 connection, spiral cable

Cable length (m)
DL RJ45-50
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DL RJ45 is a door loop with spiral cable and RJ45 connector at each end. The door loop is intended for sliding doors, garage doors and other objects where a flexible cable is needed. The door loop consists of two junction boxes (28401) with RJ45 connectors and 10 screw terminals, 2 of which are for the tamper contact. The box is also provided with cable relief protection for the RJ45 connector. The box has also an anti-tamper protection. The screw terminals have built in self lift wire guard clamp for safe mounting.
The cable is made of PUR which means it is more elastic and durable than a PVC cable. The cable is available in 3 sizes, 50 cm, 10 and 250 cm (recommended extended length).

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Tamper protection
RJ 45
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