DL 8

Door loop

The DL 8 series of door loops is used to protect and simplify transmission of signals with a cable from windows and doors to the frame. The loops consist of a long, stainless steel armoured flexi-tube, with two end caps with locking grooves to secure the flexi-tube and provide a safe installation. The stainless steel flexitube is available in 2 lengths – 400 mm and 600 mm. The cable is protected against the sharp edges of the metal flexi-tube at each end with a plastic conduit that allows a maximum cable diameter of 4 mm. The flexi-tube has an outer diameter of 8 mm and an inner diameter of 6 mm. The door loops are available in a nickel-plated design or an either white or brown plastic coating. Delivered complete with 4 screws.

Data sheet

Outer diameter mm
Inner diameter mm
Max cable diameter mm
Length mm
DL 8-40 - 400 mm, DL 8-60 - 600 mm
Mounting plate dimensions mm
29.5 x 29.5 x 10 mm

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