FB 500

DISCONTINUED - Replaced by VD 501

Recess Box for floor mounting
for VD 500

Recess box made of special steel (Magnelis) for mounting of VD 500 in the floor or other hard surfaces. It is designed for mounting and cast into the floor of the museum, vault, safe deposits and gold deposits, and to cope with the pressure of a golden chariot at 5 tons. The box has threaded holes for VD 500 and for mounting a connection box Fatum 28016.03.

The box is attached with supplied expansion bolts that provide a large detection range but also to level the box during assembly. There are also ready-made „knockout holes” for a conduit pipe which makes installation easier. The box is equipped with an opening contact in order to provide extra security.

Data sheet

Housing material
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm
220 x 155 x 52

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