ADT 700

Acoustic Tester for AD series (700/700-AM/ 800/800-AM)

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The ADT 700 is a unique tester for use with the AD 700/700-AM detectors series as well as AD 800/ 800-AM. The tester emits a spectrum of signals at certain frequencies and sound levels. The acoustic sound from the ADT 700 that enters the room is received by the 700/700-AM/ 800/800-AM detector via broadband microphone. The signals are filtered, processed and evaluated. The microprocessor compensates for early reflections and selects the best algorithm based on the detector location to ensure maximum detection capability. Audio signals undergo dramatic change from the broken window through the room to the detector.

As a result, the 700/700-AM/ 800/800-AM has three separate settings, each with its own algorithm. With the ADT 700 tester is it possible to test which setting is most suitable for each installation. The detector measures the characteristic signal and the processor recommends of the best-suited setting for each individual installation.

Data sheet

Supply voltage
Rechargeable battery with external charger
Housing material, Colour
ABS plastic, grey
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm
110 x 190 x 60

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