VD 400

Seismic Detector

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The VD 400 seismic detector provides reliable detection and high immunity to false alarms when mounted on steel or concrete objects such as firearm cabinets, safes, concrete walls etc. It detects intrusion attempts with explosives and mechanical tools such as diamond drills, cutting wheels, grinders and thermal tools. Reliability of the device is ensured by three independent detection channels, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) of events in the processor and an advanced algorithm for signal processing.
This algorithm also provides high immunity to external disturbances. It is vital to mount the detector with secure surface contact and to ensure it is not mounted on joints in the surface material. When mounting on concrete and brick walls, the MP 400 mounting plate with anchor bolt should always be used. In severe environments, either indoors or outdoors, the special WH 400 housing with integrated heaters should be used to maintain suitable temperature and humidity for the detector. The VD 400 seismic detector is equipped with a visual alarm indicator (LED) and tamper protection against attempts at opening the housing.

Data sheet

Supply voltage
8 -15 VDC
Current consumption
9 mA (11 mA in alarm state)
Alarm output
Relay, NC
Contact rating
25 VDC / 100 mA
Alarm indication
Tamper protection / Rating
Yes / 25 VDC / 100 mA
Screw terminals
Housing material
Operating temperature range
-20C to +50C
Housing protection class
IP 42
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm
91 x 31 x 23

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