DC/DC Converter MINI 5-32 V -> 3-30 V

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FATUM mini DC-DC converter is an easy-to use 32 V, 2 A synchronous step-down regulator.

With a wide input ranges from 4 V to 32 V, it is suitable for various industrial applications for power conditioning from unregulated sources. Peak-current-mode control is employed to achieve simple control-loop compensation and cycle-by-cycle current limiting.

A quiescent current of 75 μA makes the device suitable for battery-powered systems. The device has an option for constant frequency FPWM mode to achieve small output-voltage ripple at light load. Protection features include cycle by- cycle current limit, hiccup-mode short-circuit protection, and thermal shutdown due to excessive power dissipation.

• 4-V to 32-V Input Range
• 2A Continuous Output Current
• Current-Mode Control
• 75-μA Quiescent Current at No Load
• Soft Start into a pre-biased Load
• Output Short-Circuit Protection with Hiccup Mode
• Thermal Protection
• Sabotage Protection

Data sheet

Input voltage
5-32 VDC
Output voltage
3 - 30 VDC Adjusted with potentiometer
Current consumption
Max 2A
Tamper protection
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm
58 x 76 x 27
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