JB 370-2

Junction Box for GD 370 and GD 470 Glass Break Detectors

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JB 370-2 is a junction box which simplifies the installation of the GD 370 glass break detector. The junction box connects max 2 GD 370 with IU 370 and/or multiple JB 370/JB 370-2/JB 370-5. JB 370-2 is equipped with a built-in resistor for termination of glass break (optional with jumper). It also has tamper protection.

When installing multiple GD 370 in a location which allows for a common junction point JB 370-2 is an excellent choice of junction box.

Data sheet

Contact rating
48 VDC / 100 mA
Tamper protection
Housing material
ABS Plastic
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm
90 x 66 x 30

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