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Motor lock alarms are used to control the locking bolt position in a motor lock and ensure that the engine lock is activated or deactivated.

The engine lock arm couples the burglar alarm with the engine lock so that the engine lock locks the bolt when the alarm is turned ON and locks the bolt when the alarm is turned OFF. For safe operation, there are two adjustable hours that give the flask time to exit and lock respectively back and unlock. The times are adjustable from 1-60 seconds each. If the lock is not working properly, it is indicated with separate relays. Can be used for both 12V and 24V engine locks. Suitable for access control systems for entrance doors, emergency exits, storage doors etc.

The terminal has screw connection with elevator function.

Data sheet

Supply voltage
8-30 VDC
Current consumption
45 mA @12 VDC
Cable dimension - screw terminals
0,14 - 1 mm2
Input max. load
30 V / 2 A
Anti-tamper protection

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