RM 12-24

Indicator-/relay module

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RM 12-24 is an alarm/annunciator module for 10-30 VDC. It can be used to indicate, for example, door status, door locks, window status or personal attack alarms or monitoring of 12 loops.

It can also be used as a relay module that converts Open Collector (OC) outputs to relay outputs with an alternating function.

RM 12-24 consists of 12 independent, parallel channels with input pulled-up by internal resistor and output relay following the state of the input. Pulled-up inputs can be directly driven by detector loops w/o need of additional resistors and access to polarizing voltage. The output relay always follows the state of channel input – the relay is energized when the input loop of a channel is violated. The state of every channel is displayed in the front panel – a LED is lit when the input loop is violated. RM 12-24 is programmed to work with input loops configured as EOL/NC-NO with EOL resistor 2.2 kohm.

The unit also has a summary alarm function for all 12 inputs. The summary alarm is indicated via a separate LED and on a separate relay output (alternating NO/NC).

The unit has two jumper blocks with the option of choosing whether the LED and summary alarm are latched until reset or self-reset mode. There is also the option of choosing if the buzzer is active when the summary alarm relay is activated or whether the buzzer should remain disconnected.

Data sheet

Supply voltage
7-30V DC
Operating temperature range
–10 – +55°C
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm
180 x 110 x 43
12 balanced inputs (2.2K)
Current consumption at 12 V/24 V
Min 17mA/11 mA, Max 232mA/121 mA
Internal pull-up resistor and pull-up voltage
2.2 kohm, 5 V
Configuration of input loop

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